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So you're a new Realtor but you have little knowledge about the terminology or what kinds of signs you need to get your name and business out there. We're here to help!

All of our signs are printed with CMYK ink on premium white air-release blockout vinyl.

Next we laminate the prints with a satin finish, cut each out, and adhere them to the respected panels.

Below you will find to-scale graphics explaining what each type of sign is called, how it is typically displayed, and what sizes are available.

To start an order please call us at:

(208) 344-9047


Rider: a 6x24" aluminum sign meant to provide extra information about a property. Also known as a Name Rider, this sign is commonly used to display an agent's name and phone number alongside a generic Yard Sign. A Rider is typically displayed above an Arm Post or hanging below a Yard Sign (also displayed attached above a Yard Frame). Riders can be single- or double-sided and can also be made with steel for use with magnetic numbers and with wood for commercial signs.

Arm Post: a 66" tall x 38" wide aluminum post that holds a hanging Yard Sign below the arm and a Rider (clamped) above the 'arm'. An Anchor which attaches to the bottom of the post holds the sign securly in place in the ground. Flyer boxes can be mounted via screwing holes into the post. These posts are available in white and black colors and do not collapse to a smaller size.

Yard Sign: a 24" wide x 18, 24, 30, 32, or 36" tall 3mm Alupanel (or steel) sign meant to display the agent and brokerage associated with selling a property. These signs are always double-sided and finished with silver/gold grommets aligned to hang from an Arm Post. Grommets can also be placed at the bottom of the sign to hang a Rider. Steel signs have punched holes and are typically made for use in Yard Frames.

Yard Frames: steel angle-iron frames that hold (frame-in) steel and aluminum Yard Signs and Riders. These are available in black or white and in various sizes and configurations.

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Arm Post Layouts & Yard Sign Sizes 

Yard Frames

Terminology continued

Yard Frames (continued): sizes and combinations include; 18x24", 18x24"

+1 Rider, 18x24" +2 Riders, 24x24", 24x24" +1 Rider, 24x24" +2 Riders, and 24x30". Flyer boxes can be mounted using a specially sized mounting 

'L-bracket", available for purchase in-store.

Round Rod Frames: black steel round rod frames that hold either an 18x24 or 24x24" steel or aluminum Yard Sign. These frames have legs which curve to the vertical center and a frame which surrounds the sign. Flyer boxes can be mounted using a specially sized mounting bracket, available for purchase in-store.

Reinforced A-frame: a collapsable black steel angle-iron A-frame that holds two 18x24" steel or aluminum Directional Signs. This frame includes a handle for carrying and is the type of A-frame meant to hold up to windy conditions.

Swinging A-frame: a collapsable black or white steel round rod A-frame that holds either an 18x24 or 24x24" double-sided Corex Directional Sign. This frame also includes a handle/top Rider mount and a slot to hold flags or balloons. Sign will blow around during windy conditions.

Directional: a 9x24, 12x18, or 18x24" double-sided Corex Directional Sign. Displayed using an H-stake. These are an inexpensive option to draw attention to your property sale or Open House.

H-stake: a small aluminum, steel, or plastic wire stake meant to hold Corex signs. RealSigns Inc. carries three options; Reinforced H-stake, Econo H-stake, & Spider Stake. We reccommend the Reinforced option.

T-stake: a black steel angle-iron stake in the shape of a lowercase 't' that holds a small steel, aluminum, or Corex sign around 12x18". These stakes are generally used for (no) parking signs and are capable of holding panels larger than 12x18".

OH = Open House

HFS = Home For Sale

CS = Coming Soon

FS = For Sale


A-Frames, H-Stakes, & T-Stake

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